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Fire in the Water, Earth in the Air: Legends of West Texas Music
by Christopher Oglesby
Published by the University of Texas Press

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"Indeed, Oglesby's introduction of more than two dozen musicians who called Lubbock home should be required reading not only for music fans, but for Lubbock residents and anyone thinking about moving here. On these pages, music becomes a part of Lubbock's living history."
- William Kerns, Lubbock Avalanche Journal

I thank all the artists & friends who have been enthusiastic about virtualubbock:

  • Richard Bowden's help and friendship have been incalculably valuable to this project.
  • Terry & Jo Harvey Allen are two of the most endearing people I've ever met. 
  • I have seldom felt so comfortable as I was when Joe Ely and I rode around Austin talking about Lubbock. Thanks also to Sharon, a truly beautiful person.
  • Tommy Hancock, you are truly an inspiring human being.
  • Cary Swinney and Bene' Cornett have generously opened their home to me when I have visited Lubbock.
  • Paul Bullock has been a valuable conduit to the Lubbock Music scene.
  • Jack & Mike Burk, thanks for your insights and kindness.
  • Jo Carol Pierce & Guy Juke, for being such good neighbors.
  • Butch Hancock, Jay Boy Adams, Jesse "Guitar" Taylor, Bob Livingston, Downe Burns, Kimmie Rhodes, Jimmie Gilmore, Don Caldwell, Kent Mings, Rob Weiner, Alan Crossland, the Tenneyuque Brothers, Colin Gilmore: Thanks for the candor you have shared with me. 
  • Johnny Hughes has been an enthusiastic supporter and a resource of incalculable value.
  • Lloyd Maines has always been very friendly to me & helpful, also.
  • John Scott of Stubb's Austin helped me hook-up with several of the artists.
  • Eddy Patterson & Scott Jensen of Stubb's Austin also have helped me find photos and other materials.
  • Doug Smith, for lunch and true inspiration.
  • John Nelson is one of the best friends I have.
  • Tanya So & David Keller have been great supporters.
  • Miz Ayn at The Mean Woman Grill always keeps me informed and laughing.
  • Alice Olson at Texas Tech's Southwest Collection has done extra research for me.
  • Dee Purkeypile, for his warm and generous correspondence.
  • Thanks also to my friends Shannon Kemp, Deanna Shoemaker, & artist Angela Paschall.
  • Robert Ellis "Bobby" Patterson was always immensely supportive of this project. He will be missed.

Thank you to my wife, for all you do and are!

(all of you know what you've done)
My Wonderful Mother Caroline & my Incomparable Father Corky (Y'all are both the best!); & my sister Mary Elizabeth, her kids Tyler & Audri; John & Maureen Chambers; Kelly & Shanna Weiss; Hal Nelson; Gina Briley-Space; Leslie Hodge and Todd Kinney (jointly & severally)
[R.I.P., Todd]; Suzie Temple-Duquette; Tim Harman; Steve & Jennifer Graves; Bart & Jeni Broz; all the guys from the late-great "Foggy Creek Preserve/Casa de Arte" including Levi Ward, Jason Ball, Tim Florer, Ricardo Magni, Jordan Weeks (and Francesca); And all other loved ones.

TECHNICAL STUFF: Jordan Weeks has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of this project from the git-go; He has inspired me and assisted me in many ways. Jason Ball gave good insights into developing the whole web concept we present here. Carmen Farr helped me with software aspect of creating my logo.

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